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When we go to design our home a number of things come to our mind. We want to decorate our house like a celebrity. But some points should also be kept in the mind before we delve into it.

Beautiful house can be done more affordably if we have a clear vision and stick to the design plan and also do some research, instead of just going for it. Don’t go for the expensive buys which are not part of the original plan. Theme and style of celebrity’s house are really fascinating for us but it is a hard task to copy their home design and theme. I have consolidated some tips to help you achieve this more affordably because not everyone can afford a seaside condo.

Tip no 1: Entrance should be grand and hallway welcoming. They should be done as bright as possible. You must be ready to take some big steps and to make big changes into the house by using bold colors and unusual textures like sheepskin which gives a brilliant texture to our house. You may keep the walls of light colors and add bright colors in the room by using colorful furniture, rugs and masterpieces from a local art gallery at an affordable price.

Tip no 2: Bedroom is a place for relaxation and sleeping so it should disconnect from rest of the world. Antique looking pieces or a wooden bed frame and black and white photos can give a unique look to the bedroom. Thick velvet curtains on windows can help you maintain the darkness in the room even in the mid of the day.

Tip no 3: You should prefer to hang long curtains so that it makes the ceiling look taller. Pair of lamps matching with the side tables creates ambient lighting in the room.

Tip no 4: Fluffy white towels always keep the bathroom fresh. Use of light color or may be white color in the bathroom gives it a fresh and big look.

Tip no 5: A house like a celebrity is incomplete without a stylish dressing room and a closet attaché to the room. It is not necessary that set- off a closet is only in the big and wide room. Small room with a closet section is quite possible. Shoe section should also be there in closet.

Tip no 6:  We can also put a home theatre for entertainment when it comes to a celebrity type home. The design should always match our lifestyle. Do not forget to take care of your finances.

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There is a big chance that there is someone that you admire a lot. You may admire a singer or you may admire an actor or an actress. You know that whenever you see that person, you feel giddy with excitement. Perhaps your ultimate dream is to actually see that person that you admire in person. This is normal because you are considered to be a fan.

It is similar to purchasing Melbourne art for sale. If you want a painting so much because you are fond of how it looks, you would like to buy it so that you can display it at your own home. You would like to make sure that it will look absolutely amazing with the rest of your home. Going back to the topic, you may feel the same way about some people and while you cannot buy them and display them at home, you can allot time in order to show how much you admire and respect their work.

In order to be a good fan, here are some things that you can do:

  • Make sure that you have utmost respect for the person or the group that you love.

You may think that just because you would like to take a picture or have an autograph with the person, you are entitled to get it. The one that you admire is also a person. He/she may also get tired and in the process, may not sometimes be in the mood to have their pictures taken or to sign autographs for fans.

  • Do not bash other artists or groups.

You have to remember that there are also other artists or groups that may be competing with the one that you favor. You have to remember that you can just focus on liking the person or the group that you admire. You do not have to make a lot of effort into bashing others just to improve the current stature of the ones you idolize.

  • Live a life outside of the fandom.

Although you know that you are a fan, you cannot just live your life within the fandom. If you are still studying, make sure that you will focus on finishing your studies. If you are working, make sure that you will do well at work. You have a life to live and you cannot just focus on the person that you admire alone. If in case you are not sure how you can have a fandom, you can check this out:

Now that you already have all the proper details on how you can be a good fan, make sure that you will consider these things. It will help you out.

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Are you a fan of an artist or perhaps a band? Maybe you are a big fan of an important media personality and you would like to make sure that the person knows about this. Sometimes, you may even be fond of a certain art form like landscape painting in australia and you would like more people to view it. Technology has made it possible for people to formulate their own clubs very easily. How do you think will you be able to accomplish this? You have to remember that you can always form your own online fan club.

Not all online fan clubs become successful. In fact, most fan clubs end up not being too good at what they can offer to other fans of the personality because they did not put a lot of thought into the things that they have to do. What about you, do you think that formulating your own fan club can be something that you can do with ease?

In order to have an effective fan website, here are some things that you ought to do:

  1. Make sure that you will tell the background story of the person or the group that you are a fan of. This means that you have to do a lot of research. You also have to provide the right facts so that when people check out your website, they will know that your intentions for forming your very own fan site for the person or group are pure.
  2. Remember to place videos and images in order to catch the attention of other fans and even people who are not fans yet. When you place some videos of the person or group that you are fond of, you are inviting other people to view it. If they become entertained with what you can show, there is a big chance that other people will join your fan club after some time.
  3. Know your limitations and boundaries. There are some images and videos online that cannot be distributed or copied. You have to know the copyright rules of the website first before you actually do something. You do not want to become surprised that you are already being sued, right.

Remember that your website will not be suddenly discovered by people. You have to make sure that your website will be promoted to other people. Of course, since you have started it, you would have to promote it on your own. In due time, your fan site will get the recognition that it needs.

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I read about  this blog post while looking for ways to remain healthy and I found it extremely interesting. The original blogpost can be found here Why Yoga Is The Best Exercise For You? If you want to find out more about sg yoga  then I am sure that you will enjoy reading this.

A lot of exercises are available now and it is up to you to choose one. Better chose an exercise that you are interested in and you’re totally dedicated to do it without any hesitation. Search those exercise and know what the benefits that you could get from it.

Yoga is one of the exercises that is recommended for you if you want to become a person who is calm and who aims to have a stress free life. Here are other benefits you could get from doing yoga exercises.

They say love conquers all and it could ease the pain that you feel. If you’re doing yoga it will help you to build good relationship with the people surrounding you. You will never thought of hurting someone because you internalize thegood vibes when you are doing yoga.

It could change your personality and it’s good news. You’ll be facing the world with a peace of mind and you could also give advice to people that you might think he or she is having a problem.

Yoga encourages you to take care of yourself. Yoga helps you to prevent common illnesses such as arthritis. It is more convenient to have this exercise rather than taking up medicine that sometimes causes risks or will have side effects. As what the saying goes; prevention is better than cure.

Better start as early as now for you to be fit and healthy. Doing this exercise will enhance your flexibility and strength. Also it improves your respiration to function well.

Mental aspects could also improve if you’re going to do yoga. If you are usually having a hard time managing your anger well, doing this practice could help you to lessen your anger and you will know how to control it.

Usually if you’re not yet expose to exercises, you often do silly things and make yourself unhealthy. Your mind and soul is unhealthy, even in small things that can get you easily irritated and sometimes do things without thinking. Surely this exercise could change you to be a better person.

Yoga is incorporation of meditation and breathing that helps a person improve his/her mental aspect. You will have the peace of mind and you will have that good vibes inside you.

To read more go to Why Yoga Is The Best Exercise For You? If you love to read more, subscribe to our blog!

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Hello guys!

Here are some more facts I found while doing some research about Robert! And I happen to find what kind of house Robert lives in. His house is super cool and awesome. What a majestic house! Look at the image below!


This photo is taken from the site called Lonny. They have a slide show to show every feature of his house. Looks like a castle to me. And the news is actually about him selling away the house. So, I’m not sure why he wants to sell. But it is definitely gorgeous. If only i had the money to purchase just 10% of this house.

Anyway, if you hadn’t know, my parents are considering to make a move to Singapore for quite a long term stay. They are business people, and they said Singapore is one of the best places for business. I’m not sure why they chose Singapore, but I guess their business must have expanded over there.

I’m quite hesitant to move over there. I know the country is awesome, but I’m gonna miss my friends over here. But they give me the privilege to choose an apartment for them. They know I was checking out Robert Pats house, but I don’t think I can find similar ones over in Singapore. Most people in Singapore stay in high rise apartments. My old house is also an apartment. Anyway, I’ve got to stop dreaming about living in Robert Pat’s type of house.

So I did a search for the latest condo launches in Singapore, and I came across this project which is called North Park Residences. It is located at Yishun. Anyone knows where Yishun is, and what is it good for? From what I read, it is near the north of Singapore, and is quite accessible to many other business areas there. Anyway, I know Singapore is really small, and it is convenient to go many places. For me, I just want to stay in a happy area with good neighbours!

north park residences

This is what the condominium will look like when it is built. Looks city-life though. Kind of excited for the buzzing location!

I’m not sure what is the price for North Park Condo, but I think it must be nearer to 1 million dollars? I know Singapore property is not cheap because of its small land area. This is always why, I can stop dreaming about staying in such a big house like Robert Pats.

The house he is selling may be worth 10X more if the house is in Singapore? I think so. Guys, if anyone has time, do help me take a look at the condo at their website: . I will let my parents know about it.

That’s all about this short post today. I’m not sure if Robert Pats have a new home already. But I will include his new house into my post on little facts of Robert Pattinson.

Stay tuned to my blog!