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Do you admire a famous person passionately? If you do, then you know that you should show how much you like the person. How will you do this? It is simple. You just need to create your own fan club.

When you create a fan club, you are letting other like minded people or people who also admire the person as much as you do to share their own reasons why they like the person too. Some fan clubs are very lucky because they are recognized by the famous person that they have created the fan club for. Some even get the chance to hangout with them and actually get to know the people even when there are not light bulbs and cameras involved.

If you have never created your own fan club before then this is okay. It is already expected that you have never that much admiration for any person before. It is somewhat the same with putting up a business like Math Tuition Centre Ang Mo Kio. You also have to organize and plan so that your fan club will be recognized by other people.

Like a business similar to Learning Out of the Box math tuition, you also need to make your fan club to appealing to other fans from all over the world. If they would not take your fan club seriously then you would only influence a few people to join your club. You need to show that you are highly organized. You have to plan ahead of time what your group activities will be and what you are going to do to benefit the person that you are a fan of.

Most fan clubs do the following for their idols:

  • They provide gifts especially if the occasion calls for it. It is already normal for fans club to donate a certain amount of money to purchase something that they know their idol would like to get. You may organize the same event as well. Once again, having a lot of members will be in handy because you do not have to spend too much.
  • They are present in special events of their idol. If the person that you admire is going to have a movie screening or will release a new music video, the fans should be present and should give their support. This would mean a lot to the famous person who is being recognized.
  • They defend their idols. You cannot expect that everyone would love the famous person that you admire a lot. You should make some effort to defend your idol to the best of your abilities.

You may learn more about clubs from here:

Remember that with careful organization and planning, you can have a successful fan club.

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I talked about my own tuition class here. Yea, Economics tuition class. Yes, that’s the time I enjoy my time with my economics tutor. The tutor has helped me overcome my fear for economics subject. And now.. I can say I dare to take up any economics thrown at me! Yes, Throw at me baby!

But the other thing is, I’m also attending another tuition class which I seem to enjoy quite a bit. No, not another economics class. It is social studies class by Brain Matter. The teacher is quite experienced, and know that I had difficulty understanding stuffs about social studies.


You know social studies… those stuff about Singapore history, separation from Malaysia, plus some lessons from other countries’ history. The memorization part is easy. But the part on writing good essays about it is not! I’m not sure how to write good essays that can get me 90%, level 5. I have this freaking friend who can just write so well that my school teacher use him as a DEFAULT Benchmark for social studies.

If you ask me what I can write the best… I can tell you all about Robert Pattinson, and all the movie synopsis he’s in. Write about social problems… I can give you 50 words the most. So thankfully, my tutor at brainmatter is helping me.

Give me a few more months, I can write a good essay of 500 words with no problem!


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Today, I wanted to blog about Robert Pattinson. OMG HE’S SOOOO CUTE!

But shite.. i got to do my economics homework.

Seriously… I do regret taking economics at O level. Come on, at my age, who will care about the government, the stock market, the foreign currencies, demand and supply, or elasticity? As long I have enough money, get to see my friends every day, and with tons of pictures of R.P. in my wallet. I”M HAPPPPPY!

However much I hate the subject, I do like my economics tutor. Ok Ok.. I have to thank my dad for this. He finds that economics is an important subject because it is a relevant topic when I grown up (I don’t understand this, but I think I will understand when I grow up!). So, he find a economics tutor for me so that I can understand the concepts better, plus score well for my exams. So I have gone for economics tuition for like…almost 6 months. And I can tell you… I never miss any economics tuition class. But I miss almost 99999% of my school economics class!  Okkkk.. I didn’t really skip school. But I just fall asleep when my school teacher talk. Yawnnn. Why I like my econs tutor?

First, He’s a guy. Please don’t think so far. I like him because he can relate to me well. Again, please don’t have funny ideas please. I like him because he can talk to me like a friend, and teach me econs like a good buddy. I don’t know his age, but he seems to be a few more years older than me. Maybe this is why we can connect better. (My school econs teacher is almost 3 times my age…hahah..) Maybe that’s why when he talks, he is like telling old grandfather stories. But when my this econs tutor teach, it is like a mentoring session. so awesssssome!

If you know how much I hate economics, you will know that I don’t even listen to lessons in class, and don’t even read about government taxes (which come out in the mid-term this year). I don’t even care how the government use the money (as long as I have money can already). But this economics tutor teach me this topic like how a business is run. Because my father got a business, then this tutor can use my father business as an example to explain to me how the government is run. Now let me explain it to you.

When the government collect tax, it is like income to the government. This is like income to a business. The business sells things, and collect money from others. However, the government don’t need to sell anything, but they still collect money, because the government will use the money to maintain public goods. Public goods are like roads, transport, safety (our policeman!), cleanliness. ALL THESE THINGS need to pay man! Just that now I don’t pay tax, so I don’t feel the pain. but i think my dad does. haha.

Ya, so that is why government need to collect tax. The tax is the income collected. Then the government will use the money to spend on building the country. When there is a disaster (CHOY, Singapore don’t have), the government will have to spend money to rebuild the country. Other government does this. The tax is also used for our government officials’ salary. HEY this one, i heard our prime minister earns the most in the world? Like that means we pay alot of tax to him? Hmm.. eye opener.

Anyway, enough of my rant. I’m gonna catch a movie later. If you are like me, who hate economics class, then I can recommend you my teacher from The Economics Lab: Economics Tuition Singapore – If you want to listen to more about my guy tutor, I can share with you more!