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When we go to design our home a number of things come to our mind. We want to decorate our house like a celebrity. But some points should also be kept in the mind before we delve into it.

Beautiful house can be done more affordably if we have a clear vision and stick to the design plan and also do some research, instead of just going for it. Don’t go for the expensive buys which are not part of the original plan. Theme and style of celebrity’s house are really fascinating for us but it is a hard task to copy their home design and theme. I have consolidated some tips to help you achieve this more affordably because not everyone can afford a seaside condo.

Tip no 1: Entrance should be grand and hallway welcoming. They should be done as bright as possible. You must be ready to take some big steps and to make big changes into the house by using bold colors and unusual textures like sheepskin which gives a brilliant texture to our house. You may keep the walls of light colors and add bright colors in the room by using colorful furniture, rugs and masterpieces from a local art gallery at an affordable price.

Tip no 2: Bedroom is a place for relaxation and sleeping so it should disconnect from rest of the world. Antique looking pieces or a wooden bed frame and black and white photos can give a unique look to the bedroom. Thick velvet curtains on windows can help you maintain the darkness in the room even in the mid of the day.

Tip no 3: You should prefer to hang long curtains so that it makes the ceiling look taller. Pair of lamps matching with the side tables creates ambient lighting in the room.

Tip no 4: Fluffy white towels always keep the bathroom fresh. Use of light color or may be white color in the bathroom gives it a fresh and big look.

Tip no 5: A house like a celebrity is incomplete without a stylish dressing room and a closet attaché to the room. It is not necessary that set- off a closet is only in the big and wide room. Small room with a closet section is quite possible. Shoe section should also be there in closet.

Tip no 6:  We can also put a home theatre for entertainment when it comes to a celebrity type home. The design should always match our lifestyle. Do not forget to take care of your finances.

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