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I talked about my own tuition class here. Yea, Economics tuition class. Yes, that’s the time I enjoy my time with my economics tutor. The tutor has helped me overcome my fear for economics subject. And now.. I can say I dare to take up any economics thrown at me! Yes, Throw at me baby!

But the other thing is, I’m also attending another tuition class which I seem to enjoy quite a bit. No, not another economics class. It is social studies class by Brain Matter. The teacher is quite experienced, and know that I had difficulty understanding stuffs about social studies.


You know social studies… those stuff about Singapore history, separation from Malaysia, plus some lessons from other countries’ history. The memorization part is easy. But the part on writing good essays about it is not! I’m not sure how to write good essays that can get me 90%, level 5. I have this freaking friend who can just write so well that my school teacher use him as a DEFAULT Benchmark for social studies.

If you ask me what I can write the best… I can tell you all about Robert Pattinson, and all the movie synopsis he’s in. Write about social problems… I can give you 50 words the most. So thankfully, my tutor at brainmatter is helping me.

Give me a few more months, I can write a good essay of 500 words with no problem!


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Yes, we all know Robert is a movie star, probably the most handsome and charming move star ever lived. However, what if, just what if, Robert does not walk this path, and instead, he is a entrepreneur, or probably the founder of the next big startup like Facebook or Pinterest?

Who knows right?

By the way, I rather hope RP is an entrepreneur. Last time, somebody ask me what if RP is a singer. Oh my, I don’t want him to be the next Bieber man. At least as an entrepreneur, he makes money, he makes our life better (like Google or Instagram), then he helps the world.

So, what would his office looks like?

RP Fans!  Please contribute your ideas!

This will probably be his office furniture setup.These cool stuffs can be found from good office furniture supplier who take care of everything. 


This will probably be his office chair.


This will probably be his pantry. ( FOooooooooOOD!)


Then the toilet.


How about a playroom?


Hey, he needs a spa too!


I don’t know how he is going to build all these, but all these things can be done by a singapore system furniture supplier. The thing is… it is just wow. Singapore is known for these cool stuffs, from what my cousin toldm e.

I’m not sure if Robert will be a boss one day, but if he really is, im sure he can really make all these dreams come true. By then, I will probably want to work for him, whatever job scope he may give us. I may even want to volunteer to work for him, just for the sake of seeing him. 

Maybe a cleaner? 

I don’t mind! At least I can see him in his office everyday! I will not clean his tables or floor 100% clean, so I can just keep coming back to clean and pop by his office to greet him every now and then !! 😀 

So now over to you fans. 

If Robert starts a business, what business do you want him to be in? 

Share your ideas below!! 

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Hello guys!

Here are some more facts I found while doing some research about Robert! And I happen to find what kind of house Robert lives in. His house is super cool and awesome. What a majestic house! Look at the image below!


This photo is taken from the site called Lonny. They have a slide show to show every feature of his house. Looks like a castle to me. And the news is actually about him selling away the house. So, I’m not sure why he wants to sell. But it is definitely gorgeous. If only i had the money to purchase just 10% of this house.

Anyway, if you hadn’t know, my parents are considering to make a move to Singapore for quite a long term stay. They are business people, and they said Singapore is one of the best places for business. I’m not sure why they chose Singapore, but I guess their business must have expanded over there.

I’m quite hesitant to move over there. I know the country is awesome, but I’m gonna miss my friends over here. But they give me the privilege to choose an apartment for them. They know I was checking out Robert Pats house, but I don’t think I can find similar ones over in Singapore. Most people in Singapore stay in high rise apartments. My old house is also an apartment. Anyway, I’ve got to stop dreaming about living in Robert Pat’s type of house.

So I did a search for the latest condo launches in Singapore, and I came across this project which is called North Park Residences. It is located at Yishun. Anyone knows where Yishun is, and what is it good for? From what I read, it is near the north of Singapore, and is quite accessible to many other business areas there. Anyway, I know Singapore is really small, and it is convenient to go many places. For me, I just want to stay in a happy area with good neighbours!

north park residences

This is what the condominium will look like when it is built. Looks city-life though. Kind of excited for the buzzing location!

I’m not sure what is the price for North Park Condo, but I think it must be nearer to 1 million dollars? I know Singapore property is not cheap because of its small land area. This is always why, I can stop dreaming about staying in such a big house like Robert Pats.

The house he is selling may be worth 10X more if the house is in Singapore? I think so. Guys, if anyone has time, do help me take a look at the condo at their website: . I will let my parents know about it.

That’s all about this short post today. I’m not sure if Robert Pats have a new home already. But I will include his new house into my post on little facts of Robert Pattinson.

Stay tuned to my blog!

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I’m always attracted to RP because of his looks (sorry, to me, he’s the most handsome guy in the world. David Beckham or Ronaldo, STAND aside please!). But little did I know he can play piano too!

This is like so amazing! I have always wanted to play the piano myself, but I didn’t care less. When my mum send me for music lessons when I’m 3 years old, I think I just bang on the piano and said I wanted to go home. I think I’m not a music kid when I’m young. I’m more of a disturbance.

But when I’m older, I start to sing. I sing more and went for karaoke sessions with my friends. Singing makes me feel like I’m on top of the world, and gives me a glimpse of being a superstar with 10000 fans waving at me. (alright, I should stop dreaming!)

So can I call myself musically inclined? I think I have the genes now!

Now, before I go on and on. Watch this video of RP playing the piano. It must be his hidden talent man. Luckily it is recorded!

Just scroll to 3:50 min for the piano part. It is a very short part. i really want to see more of him playing piano. Again, I like guys with musical skills, and especially on the piano.


Look at him playing again. How can you not like him? (Sorry for converting you to a RP fan!)

Alright, I think I have to stop and think a little about myself.

I’m actually quite interested to learn the piano. Okay. The decision is not derived from watching Robert playing the piano. He may be a small influencing factor in deciding the instrument to play (I can also learn the violin, flute, drums, guitar…etc). But I Chose Piano becos of him 🙂

I have actually did a search for piano teacher staying near the east of Singapore which is where I stay. Sorry! I don’t wanna state exactly the location I stay. So I actually found one that can teach me piano. She can teach pop piano which is what I’m more interested to learn. Classical is not my cup of tea! My dream is just to play as well as Robert Pattinson. (is it possible that I can play side by side with him on the same pianoooo?). Okay stop dreaming..

So for now, I have set up the stage for me to go and learn. Now it just lies in my own decision if I can commit to learn it. Hmm.. Just give me more time to decide.

I hope by the next post, my answer should be out 🙂




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Here I am back after my examinations! FINALLY It is over!

Now i have about 1 month of free time to play and have fun. Of course, the first thing to do is to catch up with all the funny videos of my favorite guy, R Pattinson!

Here’s the funny Ice Bucket Challenge that he has done!

sexy rite?

Ok ok.. i know it is a little late about the ice bucket challenge. But whatever…

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Today, I wanted to blog about Robert Pattinson. OMG HE’S SOOOO CUTE!

But shite.. i got to do my economics homework.

Seriously… I do regret taking economics at O level. Come on, at my age, who will care about the government, the stock market, the foreign currencies, demand and supply, or elasticity? As long I have enough money, get to see my friends every day, and with tons of pictures of R.P. in my wallet. I”M HAPPPPPY!

However much I hate the subject, I do like my economics tutor. Ok Ok.. I have to thank my dad for this. He finds that economics is an important subject because it is a relevant topic when I grown up (I don’t understand this, but I think I will understand when I grow up!). So, he find a economics tutor for me so that I can understand the concepts better, plus score well for my exams. So I have gone for economics tuition for like…almost 6 months. And I can tell you… I never miss any economics tuition class. But I miss almost 99999% of my school economics class!  Okkkk.. I didn’t really skip school. But I just fall asleep when my school teacher talk. Yawnnn. Why I like my econs tutor?

First, He’s a guy. Please don’t think so far. I like him because he can relate to me well. Again, please don’t have funny ideas please. I like him because he can talk to me like a friend, and teach me econs like a good buddy. I don’t know his age, but he seems to be a few more years older than me. Maybe this is why we can connect better. (My school econs teacher is almost 3 times my age…hahah..) Maybe that’s why when he talks, he is like telling old grandfather stories. But when my this econs tutor teach, it is like a mentoring session. so awesssssome!

If you know how much I hate economics, you will know that I don’t even listen to lessons in class, and don’t even read about government taxes (which come out in the mid-term this year). I don’t even care how the government use the money (as long as I have money can already). But this economics tutor teach me this topic like how a business is run. Because my father got a business, then this tutor can use my father business as an example to explain to me how the government is run. Now let me explain it to you.

When the government collect tax, it is like income to the government. This is like income to a business. The business sells things, and collect money from others. However, the government don’t need to sell anything, but they still collect money, because the government will use the money to maintain public goods. Public goods are like roads, transport, safety (our policeman!), cleanliness. ALL THESE THINGS need to pay man! Just that now I don’t pay tax, so I don’t feel the pain. but i think my dad does. haha.

Ya, so that is why government need to collect tax. The tax is the income collected. Then the government will use the money to spend on building the country. When there is a disaster (CHOY, Singapore don’t have), the government will have to spend money to rebuild the country. Other government does this. The tax is also used for our government officials’ salary. HEY this one, i heard our prime minister earns the most in the world? Like that means we pay alot of tax to him? Hmm.. eye opener.

Anyway, enough of my rant. I’m gonna catch a movie later. If you are like me, who hate economics class, then I can recommend you my teacher from The Economics Lab: Economics Tuition Singapore – If you want to listen to more about my guy tutor, I can share with you more!


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Hi! Welcome to Robert Pattinson’s Fan Page!

You see, I’m a super huge Robert Pattinson fan.IF YOU DON”T KNOW WHO HE IS… Please read his profile here!

If you didn’t know, I watched every movie or shows that he is in. Not only that, I collected his posters, buy his DVDs, and even get my whole family to like him too! I’m in love with him in the Twilight Movie.

They told me they like Robert too (but not sure if it’s 100% like me). Anyone, here are some little facts I want to share it with you!

1. Robert Pattinson was born in London!


2. Robert Pattinson acted as Edward Cullen in my most favorite movie of him – THE TWILIGHT!


3. Robert was in a relationship with Kirsten Stewart!


4. He broke up with Kirsten in 2013!!!

5. He is worth $50 million (please, will you marry me?!!??)