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Image result for ice skatingPeople always tend to believe and compare surfing and skating and stake claim as which one is more fun, adventurous and leads to the culmination of adrenaline rush when performed in the right spirit. It is definitely a difficult, intricate call for someone to make because both the sports have its own charm, excitement and level of comfort involved.

Talking about skating first, we have it in two forms popularly known as water skating and ice skating which require altogether different type of skillset and training to become veteran. These sports now have become quite popular among youths around the globe and it is fast catching up on other parts of the world where we have resources available like sea shores, cold regions with abundant ice covering.

There are some exceptions, for example, Dubai has world’s biggest mall where they have created artificial ice-skating complex for people to have fun and experience the same feeling of skating in hilly area covered with white natural snow. Likewise, there are similar kind of arrangements being made in other countries like US, Singapore and Japan.

But, we do not have anything similar for longboards, except for some of the best longboard review we have seen by Walter. Having an exclusive venue for longboarding would be a great experience too.

Water skating, requires a balance, rhythm and understanding of the waves to make the right move at the right time. But then this is almost similar to surfing because both require similar kind of knowledge and training to be able to perform this sport safely.

Ice skating is a different ball game because here the onus of enjoying this sport is on you entirely and your skill defines how well you manage yourself while performing this sport. The most important lesson for the beginners is to learn how to stand firmly with all the gears on and then start moving keeping a vertical alignment of both the legs and then moving them in a symmetrical rhythmic way to counter the outflowing balance.

In case of surfing the first and foremost requirement is that you should be knowing swimming or else you will have a risk of drowning or end up just towing around at the shore which is no fun to be honest. It does not require much gear and suit that you need but ensure you put on something which is not messy and cause obstruction with your movement and streamlining process while skimming through.

In the nutshell, all I would say whatever you get indulged into, make the most of it and enjoy to the fullest but ensure you have proper training and knowledge before taking the plunge.

Look at some professional skating here:

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